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The Orland Park Rotary Club is active in the community.  Its members are involved in more community activities probably than any other community service group.  One of the key community programs is the Rotary Scholarship Program.  Funded through the annual raffle, it raises over $40,000 for college scholarships for local area senior high-school students.  In addition,  in the recent past years the Club sponsored a Golf Marathon for Hope Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn.  That event raised over $22,000 for that cause.  The Club also works the weekly Bingo charity game in Orland Park (in cooperation with Kiwanis) with the proceeds supporting nominated community needs.  At a minimum, the Club distributes more than $10,000 to these community groups.  On occasion, when finances permit, the Club also sponsors special projects.  For example, in 2005, the Rotary Centennial Year, the Orland Park Rotary Club sponsored the rebuilding of the Animal Barn at the Children’s Farm at The Center in Palos Park to view pictures of the progress click here.


Dedication Mark on the Barn at the Children's Farm in Palos Park.

This Club is pleased to serve its community in these many ways.


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