Avenues of Service

The theme of Rotary International for this current year is
“Reach Within to Embrace Humanity “ created by 2011-2012 International President Kalyan Banerjee. He strongly feels that it is up to every Rotary club to determine the needs of its members and of its community when deciding what direction to take to fulfill this theme.

Our 2011/2012 District Governor David Templin has shared his thoughts and wishes along with 2011/2012 RI President Banerjee.

Family – This is where it all begins – our service, all we wish to achieve in the world begins here.

Continuity – knowing what we do well and then taking it to the next level. Our core values of service, fellowship, integrity, diversity and leadership will help us to continue to attract new members (and retain current members.)

Change – Starting with our wishes for change in the world; attaining peace by living in peace. To end polio or other disease, the stopping of environmental degradation, the spread of literacy or the prevention of hunger all start with us as the instruments of that change. Within our own clubs, identifying successful practices to retain members and the implementation of new practices.


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